Welcome to the site of the worlds 2nd Greatest Coffee!!
While there is no coffee out there better than ours, it would be an insult to the coffee Gods to claim our coffee as the worlds greatest.
The Geeky Bean was created by our founder, Gene "the Geek" Winkler, as a service to his computer buddies. As he would tell it, he was looking for a great tasting coffee that would allow him and his friends to stay up in to the wee hours of the morning breaking computer codes and hacking in to top secret government web sites. In reality, the late night part turned out to be true, but from our knowlege of this man it is more likely that the activity was gaming rather than hacking code.

While the true story may never be known, Stans desire resulted in the creation of the Geeky Bean and our first original flavor, French Toast Coffee.

Since that time the Geeky Bean has search the world for the best tasting beans and roasted those beans with our own unique flavors, flavors that are truly original. Yes we do offer some of the best standard flavors, but what has made us different from the others, besides our superior beans, is the original flavors you will find nowhere else. While "French Toast" is our most popluar coffee, our other flavors, such as "C++" ,"Highlander: The Coffee" and "My Doom", are some of the most unique and best tasting coffess anywhere on the planet. Check them out! Thank you for taking the time to visit, we know you will not be disappointed.
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The Price of Coffee !!

Like your momma told you, "In life, there is no free ride."
The same is true with coffee. Cheap coffee is not usually good coffee. If someone truely takes the time to find a great bean and then roasts that bean the right way and flavors that bean with the best unique flavors, they have an investment in that coffee. We have made that investment for you. We can't offer you the cheapest price on coffee, because we don't sell cheap coffee. What we can give you is one of the best coffees money can buy at a great price. We also deal mostly in special flavors that allow you to have the most enjoyable coffee experiences possible.
There is more to coffee than JUST the drink itself.

Ask yourself these three things when choosing your next coffee:

Is the flavor smooth, or does it seem like the coffee and the flavor were forced together?

Am I looking for an arroma to perk up my entire house not just my cup?

Do I look forward to a great cup of coffee or have I search forever to find a flavor I can love?

If you answered yes to these questions, you have good taste and are why the Geeky Bean is in business.
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