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If you are a true Geek, you probably already have these pages bookmarked, or maybe even have one as your home page. If not, we have done our research for you and have found these sites to be worthy of a true Geeks attention. If you are not a Geek, check them out anyway, you never know when a little "Geekbonics" might come in handy...say when you need your laptop fixed but have to wait until the production machines are take care of first. Try some topics from here, you might just jump the queue line!
Home of the Nerd's Impractical Poser costumes. This web site is devoted to the advancement of 3 dimensional computer art.
Geeky Bean
Great Geek download site." - This is the first download of the rest of your geeky lives."
Code Breaker
Geek Links
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